BAUMBook – A best seller among our customers

With this new technical manual, BAUM lined piping GmbH would like to provide you with an assistance tool for all issues relating to technical questions on our range of products and on our services.


In the BAUMBook, you will find a detailed list of the most important norms and regulations that are applied in our company. We show you which advantages you gain by our individual production and product optimization. Furthermore, we list therein the wide variety of products that we can design according to your needs an requirements.

Our BAUMBook will integrate in the range of our already existing information media and it will be a further benefit for you.

Do you want to know which differences are between the individual component characteristics for products based on DIN (EN) or ANSI, what advantages the individual processing procedures of PTFE for your needs have, which lining material best suits your usage or, where the limits of other lining materials lie?

Then, you can find the answers in our new BAUMBook.