BAUM as an employer

Security through stability

Over the course of the last 30 years, the family enterprise BAUM has developed into a stable, internationally successful company. With an employee base, which may become even more international in the future, we have earned the trust of our customers over and over again. Stability is important to us to us, and it is something which our employees also benefit from, because continuity also means security.

Since its inception, BAUM has developed into a successful global brand. Our goals remain the same: We want to strengthen our leading market position

by providing expertise, quality and innovations, even in economically challenging times. We act in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner. That is why we make decisions with tomorrow in mind. Using sound management practices, we are continuously expanding and optimising our business operations.

Are you looking for a stable employer who can offer you a high level of security? And who welcomes cultural diversity? Then ... 

What is important to us

Common values, shared objectives and mutual succe

Satisfied customers are key to our success. Our employees know this and are committed to achieving it. Together we ensure that everything runs smoothly in the various departments, that high-quality results lead to follow-up orders and that new customers are attracted. This is what motivates us.

For our organisational development this means: We grow with our tasks and adapt our structures successively. We delegate responsibility and set clear goals when new tasks emerge. For us, open cooperation also includes constructive criticism.

At BAUM, we are particularly pleased that each individual feels part of a greater whole, and that we can rely on our employees working together closely to achieve common objectives – day after day. Our employees enjoy working with one another, treat each other with respect and are open to cultural differences and diversity, this is what it has been like from the start and this is what we are known for.

By the way: We also enjoy meeting our colleagues after work, be it at a football match or for ten-pin bowling, at a Christmas party, a summer festival or a day trip.

Human Resource Development

We create connections – and grow together

We also want to remain an important supplier for pipes with corrosion protection in the future. We are working hard to achieve this goal and moving forward on a path of continuous self-development.

Newcomers can learn a lot from their experienced colleagues, and we encourage and promote peer support. It’s an ongoing process - we learn from each other day in and out, we learn from our team members, from other departments and from colleagues of other nationalities. These active exchanges allow us to grow together and move forward with confidence.

At BAUM, specialist training for special requirements is a matter of course. We also gladly support language courses or other training initiatives – e.g. technical training for becoming a welding expert – if both sides benefit from it. In this way we support the continuous, professional development of our employees and at the same time maintain our high quality standards.

Would you like to get involved, develop new skills and grow with us? Then we look forward to your contribution!

We are multicultural

Diversity has potential

At BAUM, employees from completely different cultures work together successfully. We value diversity and find it enriching; we treat each other with respect and act with tolerance. As a globally active company, we benefit from the input of every individual. Our shared experiences allow us to move forward together.

We chose to follow a path of intercultural orientation right from the start and continue doing so – with evergrowing enthusiasm.

We are drawing the world to our region because we firmly believe that this is what is best for our continued success, for our customers and for our international operations. Integrating foreign employees is both a challenge and an aspiration for us and it is our declared goal to achieve a harmonious coexistence. That is why we will continue to develop and strengthen our welcoming culture in the coming years.

If this multicultural environment sounds exciting to you, then we look forward to meeting you!


A special region

What makes our location in Enzkreis so attractive? Well, that is for you to find out. We have, however summarised some of the most important points for you:

This region in the northern Black Forest is particularly beautiful. The living environment offers a high recreational value and ideal conditions for balancing work and life. Anyone thinking of starting a family or moving here with the family will surely appreciate the favourable cost of living and the affordable property prices.

Our region offers a high quality of life. There are many hotels and restaurants here that are well-known far beyond the regional borders, as well as traditional inns with outstanding local cuisine. In this diverse region you will find everything from wellness offers and sports events to theatre performances and street festivals!

Enzkreis is embedded in the metropolitan areas of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe and has a very good motorway connection, allowing you to travel quickly to Alsace or the Swabian Alb.